Technology Requirements

Internet Requirements

It goes without saying that students taking one of our online courses will need access to the internet. The most common ways to access the internet include a broadband cable connection, a wireless router, and for those living in remote area perhaps even by satellite. Any of these should be adequate for online course purposes, however, the speed of your internet connection may have an impact on your online experience, in particular when it comes to streaming videos.

Computer Requirements

Since the software, videos, and other course resources are stored in the cloud, any newer computer, tablet, or other device with internet access should have no trouble accessing the course materials. Computers running an older system software such as XP may encounter difficulties. As we continue to gain more details on student’s experiences with these courses, we can better inform new students what to expect. Though video content can be viewed on phones, due to their smaller screen size, it may be difficult to read text, respond to reflective questions, or complete quizzes and exams. You will also need a capable word processing program such as Microsoft Word to complete written assignments.