New Testament Survey

Course Description

Designed to lead you to read the New Testament itself, New Testament Survey provides essential historical and cultural background information and carefully examines the content of each book in the New Testament.

Taught by New Testament scholar and author Robert H. Gundry, topics and issues discussed in the course are tied whenever possible to the assigned readings from across the entire New Testament. Commentary on the readings provide additional insight.

Ideal for self-learners and academic students looking to refresh their knowledge of the New Testament, this course is supported by the best-selling textbook A Survey of the New Testament, 5th Edition.

All course material - video lectures, readings, pronunciation guides, review questions, and assessments - is available online for study at your own convenience.

By completing this course you'll gain

  • knowledge about how and why the 27 books of the New Testament came to be included in the biblical canon
  • essential historical and cultural background information on day-to-day life in New Testament times
  • an informed understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus as presented across the four gospels
  • insight into the content of each book in the New Testament - from the letters of Paul to the book of Revelation
  • confidence in your growing knowledge through personalized review sessions, unit assessments, and award-winning memory building tools.

Course Instructor

Robert H. Gundry, 

Ph.D., Manchester

Robert H. Gundry is a scholar-in-residence and professor emeritus of New Testament and Greek at Westmount College in Santa Barbara, CA. Among his books are Mark: A Commentary on His Apology for the Cross; Matthew: A Commentary on His Handbook for a Mixed Church Under Persecution; Soma in Biblical Theology; and Jesus the Word according to John the Sectarian.

Course Outline

1.   Intertestamental Background

2.  Canon

3.  Settings of the New Testament

4.  Studying Jesus' Life

5.  Matthew

6.  Mark

7.  Luke

8.  John


10.  Acts

11.   Early Letters of Paul

12.  Major Letters of Paul

13.  Prison and Pastoral Letters of Paul

14.  Hebrews and General Letters

15.  Revelation

16.  Conclusion


Course Textbook

This course is based on Robert H. Gundry's book A Survey of the New Testament. While taking this course, you will have online access to most of this book's contents. However, if you want off line access or want this book in your personal library as a long-term reference, you may purchase it by clicking on the button to the right which will ling you to 

Course Details

New Testament Survey

by Robert H. Gundry

15 Units, Self-paced

8 Hours of Video

12 Month Access to All Online Content

3 Credits toward a Certificate, Diploma or Degree

Support by a Clearwater College Professor

Cost: $510 CAN