Basics of Biblical Greek 2

Course Outline

Basics of Biblical Greek 2 is the second part of a two-course series designed to introduce you to the Greek language of the New Testament era. Designed for beginners and seasoned students looking to refresh their knowledge of Greek, this course is supported by the textbook Basics of Biblical Greek, 3rd Edition.

All course material—instructional videos, audio recordings, readings, and vocabulary review—is available online for study at your own convenience.

By completing this course, you'll gain:

  • the foundational knowledge required to begin studying the New Testament in its original language
  • deeper familiarity with and knowledge of the building blocks of New Testament Greek, including the Greek alphabet, pronunciation, and punctuation
  • more extensive knowledge of Greek verbs and their various forms
  • confidence in your growing knowledge through unit assessments and cutting-edge vocabulary building tools

Course Instructor

William D. Mounce

Ph.D., Aberdeen University and President of

William D. Mounce lives and writes in Washougal, Washington. As the president of, he offers world-class educational resources for discipleship in the local church. He has served as a preaching pastor and was a professor of New Testament and director of the Greek Program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He is the author of the bestselling Greek textbook, Basics of Biblical Greek, and many other resources. He was the New Testament chair of the English Standard Version translation of the Bible, and serves on the NIV translation committee. Learn more at

Course Outline

1.   Imperfect Indicative

2.  Second Aorist Active/Middle Indicative

3.  First Aorist Active/Middle Indicative

4.  Aorist and Future Passive Indicative

5.  Perfect Indicative

6.  Introduction to Participles and Present Adverbial Participles

7.   Aorist Adverbial Participles

8.  Adjectival Participles


10.  Perfect Participles and Genitive Absolutes

11.   Subjunctive

12.  Infinitive

13.  Imperative

14.  Indicative of δίδωμι

15.  Nonindicative of δίδωμι

16.  ιστημι, τίθημι, δείκνυμι; Odds ’n Ends

17.  Conclusion


Course Textbook and Resources

This Course is based on the book Basics of Biblical Greek by William D. Mounce. While taking this course, you will have online access to most of this book's contents. However, if you want off line access or want this book in your personal library as a long-term reference, you may purchase it by clicking on the button to the right which will link you to 

In addition to the course textbook, a variety of supplementary learning aids are available for this course including a workbook, vocabulary cards, and a laminated summary sheet of Greek paradigms which can also be found on

Course Details

Basics of Biblical Greek

by William D. Mounce

16 Units, Self-paced

16 Hours of Video

12 Months of Access to All Online Course Content

3 Credits toward a Certificate, Diploma or Degree

Support by a Clearwater College Professor

Cost: $510 CAN