Course Fees

  • Tuition Fees

    All online courses are valued at 3 credits. Clearwater College 2020 tuition rate is $180 per credit so the tuition fee for online courses is $540 per course. A portion of this fee goes to Zondervan, a portion goes to the professor overseeing each course, and a portion goes to Clearwater College to cover the costs of administrating the course (e.g. setting up student files, tracking grades, etc.). Tuition fees are reviewed on an annual basis and subject to increase at the discretion of the college board.

  • Book Costs

    The cost of books varies from course to course. While taking a course, you will have online access to most of the content in the course textbook. However, if you want off line access or want a particular book in your personal library, you may purchase these books through links in this website. These links will direct you to Amazon. 

  • Application Fee

    You may complete five online courses before making full application to Clearwater College and indicating your long-term program intentions. After making application, you may continue to take courses toward the completion of your chosen certificate, diploma or degree. Your application requires an accompanying fee of $25.

  • Other Fees

    Those completing a B.Th degree will be required to take select courses on campus. This will add further expenses such as travel, books, room and board, and graduation fees.