How to Apply

  • STEP ONE:  Complete an online course application

    You may access an application for taking online courses by clicking here. Complete the application indicating which course(s) you wish to take initially. We recommend that most begin by taking only one course and focus time and energy on completing it before starting additional courses. Some online students who have more available time and more aggressive education goals may wish to tackle several courses at once. Keep in mind that you only have twelve months access to the online course materials once Zondervan initiates your course so don’t take on more than you can accomplish.

  • STEP TWO:  Pay tuition for the online course(s) of your choice

    If completing your application electronically, you may pay online or over the phone by credit card. If mailing your application, you may send a cheque. Payments made in person at the office can be by debit, cash, cheque, or credit.

  • STEP THREE:  Wait to be contacted by Clearwater College

    We will make the necessary arrangements with Zondervan and Biblemesh to get you set up on the Cerego learning system. We will then contact you with the information you need to begin your online course. This process generally takes about two weeks. The professor facilitating your course will also contact you to introduce himself/herself to you and will send you a course syllabus outlining the requirements for the course. Your facilitating professor will be available by email or by an arranged call or by Skype whenever you need assistance during your course.

  • STEP FOUR:  Order course textbook(s)

    Each course syllabus will outline the textbook(s) required for that course. Though most courses can be completed through online content, some courses require additional resources. You may also want to order the course textbook for offline access or for your personal library. Books can be ordered through


    You may complete five online courses before making full application to Clearwater College and indicating your long-term program intentions. After this, you may continue taking online courses toward the completion of your chosen certificate, diploma or degree.