Systematic Theology 1

Course Description

The Christian church has a long tradition of systematic theology, that is, studying theolgoy and doctrine organized around categories such as the Word of God, redemption, and Jesus Christ. In Systematic Theology 1, Wayne Grudem introduces the doctrines of God's Word, God, and humanity. This course features a strong emphasis on the scriptural basis for each docrtine; clear teaching, with technical terms kept to a minimum, and a contemporary approach.

This course features:

  • A strong emphasis on the scriptural basis for each doctrine
  • Clear teaching, with technical terms kept to a minimum
  • A contemporary approach, treating subjects of special interest to the church today
  • A friendly tone, appealing to the emotions and the spirit as well as the intellect
  • Frequent application to life

Course Instructor

Wayne Grudem

Ph.D., University of Cambridge

Wayne Grudem is research professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary in Phoenix, Arizona. He taught at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for 20 years. He has also served as the President of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and President of the Evangelical Theological Society. He holds degrees from Harvard (AB), Westminster Theological Seminary (M.Div., D.D.), and Cambridge (Ph.D.). He is the author of more than 100 academic articles and over a dozen books, including the bestselling Systematic Theology.

Course Outline

1.   Introduction

2.  The Word of God and Canon

3.  Authority and Inerrancy

4.  The Clarity and Necessity of Scripture

5.  The Sufficiency of Scripture

6.  God's Existence and Knowability

7.  God's Incommunicable Attributes

8.  God's Communicable Attributes


10.  The Trinity

11.   Creation and Providence

12.  Miracles and Prayer

13.  Angels, Satan, and Demons

14.  Creation of Man, Male and Female

15.  The nature of Man and Sin

16.  Covenants


Course Textbook

This Course is based on the book Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine by Wayne Grudem. While taking this course, you will have online access to most of this book's contents. However, if you want offline access or want this book in your personal library as a long-term reference, you may purchase it by clicking on the button to the right which will link you to 

Course Details

Systematic Theology 1

by Wayne Grudem

15 Units, Self-paced

4.5 Hours of Video

12 Months of Access to All Online Content

3 Credits toward a Certificate, Diploma or Degree

Support by a Clearwater College Professor

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