Romans: History, Meaning, & Application

Course Description

Our culture does not encourage thoughtful reflection on truth. Yet living the gospel in a postmodern culture demands that Christians understand and internalize the truth about God and his plan for the world. Paul's letter to the Romans remains one of the most important expressions of Christian truth ever written. Its message forces us to evaluate who we are, who God is, and what our place in this world ought to be.

The Romans course, taught by Douglas Moo, brings the meaning of Paul's great letter into the twenty-first century. Moo comments on the text itself, explores issues in Paul's culture and in ours that help us understand the ultimate meaning of each passage, and suggests ways in which the eternal theology of Romans can be understood and lived out in our modern culture.

By taking this course you'll gain:

  • familiarity with the overarching organization and literary flow of Romans
  • insights into the passage-by-passage meaning of Paul’s letter to the Romans
  • a greater grasp of the book’s application for Christians today
  • confidence in your growing knowledge through personalized review sessions and unit assessments

Course Instructor

Douglas J. Moo

PhD., University of St. Andrews

Douglas J. Moo is the Kenneth T. Wessner Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College. He has written extensively in several commentary series, including the NIV Application Commentary, Pillar Commentary, Tyndale New Testament Commentary, and the New International Commentary on the New Testament.

Course Outline

1.   Introduction

2.  Romans 1

3.  Romans 2

4.  Romans 3

5.  Romans 4

6.  Romans 5

7.   Romans 6

8.  Romans 7


10.  Romans 8

11.   Romans 9-10

12.  Romans 11

13.  Romans 12

14.  Romans 13

15.  Romans 14

16.  Romans 15-16


Course Textbook

This course draws from Dr. Moo's extensive knowledge on the epistle of Romans. For further study, you may be interested in reading one of his three commentaries on Romans, listed here in order of complexity. 

  • Introductory: Encountering the Book of Romans: A Theological Survey
  • Intermediate: Romans (The NIV Application Commentary)
  • Advanced: The Epistle to the Romans (The New International Commentary

We recommend Encountering the Book of Romans: A Theological Survey as a companion textbook for this course. You may purchase it clicking on the button to the right which will link you to

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Dr. Douglas J. Moo

15 Units, Self-paced

8 Hours of Video

12 Month Access to All Online Content

3 Credits toward a Certificate, Diploma, or Degree

Support by a Clearwater College Professor

Price: $510 CAN