Course Requirements

When you enroll in a course, you will receive a syllabus from one of Clearwater College's facilitating professors. This syllabus will outline the requirements for each course. Typically, distance learning courses will have an "ON" line component and an "OFF" line component. Your primary learning will take place online through the use of video, charts & maps, reading, reflection questions, review questions, unit assessments, and exams. In addition to online learning, your syllabus will outline supplementary reading, papers, projects or other requirements that need to be completed in order to pass the course.

Program Requirements

We allow you to take up to five online courses before fully enrolling in one of Clearwater College's certificate, diploma, or degree programs. You are now able to fully complete a one or two year certificate through online courses. With the addition of a number of required resident courses, you will also soon be able to complete a three year diploma or B.Th. degree. 

However, in addition to course requirement, all certificate, diploma, and degree programs have discipleship and ministry requirements as well. After enrolling in the program of your choice, you will receive more detailed information on these requirements. Though there is opportunity for customization, typical requirements include regular church attendance, engaging in a weekly mentoring relationship with a mature believer approved by your pastor, and regular ministry involvement in your local church or in a para church ministry. These involvements help to ensure well-rounded spiritual growth and ministry training in addition to the quality academic training that you will receive.